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Story in Globe and Mail
anne ackermann
Jul 9, 2019
In May I went to Petitmont in the Lorraine region of France for Globe and Mail to work on a very intriguing story: Towards the end of WWII a Canadian Lancaster bomber was shot down over occupied France, the bodies of two of the crew were never found. Now 75 years later a transatlantic team finally managed to retrace the two lost Canadians’ final days. It was great fun to work on this thrilling story with writer Eric Reguly and to dive deep into history.
     A Second World War mystery solved: 75 years later, a transatlantic team retraces two lost Canadians’ final days
          In 1944, a Canadian pilot and his navigator were shot down in their Lancaster bomber over occupied France – but their bodies were never found. Where did they go, and why did they never make it home? It took their family, amateur historians and...

Anne Ackermann

Anne Ackermann is an award-winning German documentary photographer currently based in Germany available worldwide.
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