Anna Ackermann

Publication Terra Mater Magazin

by Anne Ackermann

Godfrey Namonye, a car mechanic from Uganda, transforms ordinary Toyotas into the coolest …

February 15, 2018 Read More

VG Bildkunst Grant

by Anne Ackermann

I’m very grateful to have been awarded a grant from VG Bildkunst Germany …

December 11, 2017 Read More

Evelyn Amony out in Doppelpunkt (CH) Magazine

by Anne Ackermann

The story of writer Kirsten Milhahn (text) and me about Evelyn Amony, wife …

December 8, 2017 Read More

Women Photograph Print Auction

by Anne Ackermann

Thre are just too many incredibly beautiful photographs are for sale at the …

December 5, 2017 Read More

A Stolen Life – FR Rundschau

by Anne Ackermann

“Ein geraubtes Leben” ( “A Stolen Life”) about Evelyn Amony, wife of Ugandan …

November 4, 2017 Read More

Published on Roads and Kingdoms

by Anne Ackermann

A beautiful edit (including new material) of my project Behind Veils and Walls …

October 30, 2017 Read More

Exhibition “Weltbilder” at Kunstforum Vienna

by Anne Ackermann

Great news that my images from Lake Turkana in Kenya are currently part …

October 18, 2017 Read More

Exhibition IWPA still traveling the world

by Anne Ackermann

I would like to share a quick update on all the many exhibitions …

October 18, 2017 Read More

Ulrich Wickert Preis für Kinderrechte 2017

by Anne Ackermann

Huge congrats to Linda Tutmann for winning the ‘Ulrich Wickert Preis für Kinderrechte’ …

September 28, 2017 Read More

New gallery Women in Rwanda online

by Anne Ackermann

“If you ask the women behind their market-stalls with lentils and fruits, beans …

September 19, 2017 Read More

fotoPro Magazine

by Anne Ackermann

Recently I talked to fotoPro Magazin Germany about how to work efficiently especially …

September 18, 2017 Read More

Back in Germany

by Anne Ackermann

Goodbye Uganda – Hello Germany! After 5 years of mainly working in Africa, …

September 11, 2017 Read More